05 March 2009

Two thousand and whine

Right, it's time I get back to this whole blogging thing. I think I've been holed up in my closet of self-pity for long enough now.

2009 is officially starting in March now. I've written the past two months off as a terrible memory, but I will give you the highlights so you know why I temporarily retreated into a pit of despair.

The Good Stuff:

1. I moved house. My incessant nagging about having to climb stairs while I'm pregnant finally paid off. Hubby and I moved into a gorgeous little 2-bed townhouse with a huge garden.

2. The boss quit. The man who made my life a living hell finally upped and buggered off.

3. I got a snazzy new phone. Gotta love those upgrades.

The Bad Stuff:

1. I spent the first week back at work all alone in the office with the boss. This was moments before he resigned. It was hell.

2. The second week back at work began with a phone call from our US head office to tell us that we're losing our jobs. (I'll have to tell the whole story in a separate post - things are looking okay though. They're structuring a deal that will let us keep our jobs)

3. I found out I was losing my job mere days before I had to sign the contract for my new place. The one I'd already put down a deposit on.

4. Still swimming through deep waters of uncertainty, I decide to take out a personal loan to consolidate my debt. Bank has botched this up phenomenally. I'm still fighting with them. (Also worthy of a separate post)

5. I hurt my back quite badly with the move. Also have to contend with excruciating heat and flaring tempers of well-meaning family members. (Without whom the move wouldn't have happened, so I'm still grateful even though it was awful)

6. TMI moment: along with paralysing back pain, I contract a nice little infection while moving. Probably due to lack of fluids consumed on moving day. Every moment of it was torture.

7. Had endless problems with internet connection at work. It got to a point where I would bawl my eyes out because I couldn't get Google to open.

8. Traffic has descended into the fiery pits of hell. Before it was barely manageable, now it is downright impossible. I'm late for work every single day. Also having endless fights with Hubby about his temper in traffic.

9. Have realised that I actually earn too much money for what I do. My duties don't match my job description. I'm basically a glorified filing clerk with a foul temper. This has to change.

March has suddenly arrived (the third month of the year already?!?) and I'm going to let go. Things are finally starting to calm down and I'm fighting to get recognition and tasks that match my ability. I'm also holding on to the bank like a pit bull. I will not go down without a fight.

The point is, I'm back. I will blog more regularly now, if only for therapy if nothing else. No more moping around and waiting. I'm making things happen now.


Louisa said...

Hell's bells! I can't believe you finally blogged again. :-) Whoohoo!

Just hang in there cuzz, everything will come up roses, you'll see.

And don't worry too much about your foul temper, no one argues with a preggers lady. Think of it as a 9 month freebee from reason and other peoples BS.

Tamara said...

LOL at Louisa.

glad you're back! Sorry it's been rough. Hope it improves massively.

Have a fab weekend.

Kitty Cat said...

I'm glad you found my blog, 'cos now I found yours again! How far along in your pregnancy are you? That's awesome! Sorry to hear about all the bad stuff though.

angel said...

sorry you're having a hard time with the bank and such... i am glad you have a nice new place!!!

Glugster said...

Finally. Welcome back.