02 February 2009

Yes, she lives...only just.

Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. It helps to know that you don't hate me just yet :-) I promise I'll get back to reading your posts in something other than my reader soon, and I promise to leave comments too.

I moved house this weekend. I'm completely exhausted as a result. I had all three sets of parents and my darling brothers to help. Very strange having my mom and dad in the same house, but they helped a lot and I'm very grateful. Now I need a weekend to recover from this weekend.

I absolutely hate moving!! It's always a highly stressful and emotional affair with tempers running high and fuses tremendously short, mine first and foremost. Especially when having to juggle getting the last few things packed, moving people and possessions from one place to another while keeping everyone happy and hydrated. This task is even more daunting when you're pregnant.

Next time, I'm getting movers to do it for me....