29 September 2008

A word for the week.....

Here goes:

Link back to the original meme (that would be this post) and the meme inspirer (that would be EXMI)
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Give (at least) 5 reasons why you love SA
Tag at least 5 peeps
Let me know when you've done it!

I love SA because:

Minibus taxi's. They drive like idiots and cause accidents, but it just wouldn't be the same without them. In a country where buying a car is out of the question for a lot of people, they've stepped up to offer some sort of public transport. And most of them are actually quite nice....I'm more likely to get a spot to squeeze into from a taxi, than from a lot of other cars. Oh, and they improve the driving and observation skills of the drivers around them.

Our heritage matters to us. So much so that we have a national holiday to celebrate the fact. Regardless of how westernised a lot of our thinking has become, there will always be room to go back to our roots, whether it be in language, religion or some other tradition.

Highveld thunderstorms. There is almost nothing as beautiful as watching a thunderstorm develop in Joburg. The sky darkens and colours seem to sharpen. Then all of heaven breaks loose. The sky lights up with brilliant displays of lightning, and you can literally feel the thunder as it rolls in the sky.

How well we blend. In a country where there are so many different cultures, we seem to be able to blend exceptionally well. Everyone can understand at least one other language, and is able to communicate in that language. We cross cultural borders with ease, and mostly accept that everyone is different, and we don't expect people from other cultures or races to do things the same way our culture or race does things.

Our obvious affection for our fellow man. I've never heard of another country where hugs and kisses flow as freely as in ours. No family gathering is complete without everyone giving each other a hug and a kiss hello. We laugh together, and cry together and aren't afraid to extend a hand to someone in need. The comments on my blog are enough to prove this, where hugs fly around when I have a bad day, even if they are only virtual. I know that someone will always be there for me when I'm in my own country, and they will be sincere.

I can't tag anyone because everyone has been tagged already :-) What I can say is that I'll miss all of you, as I'm leaving for Aardklop in the morning, and will only be back next week. Have an awesome week!!!

26 September 2008

A lonely weekend

19 September 2008

My Story - Part 4

It's been a while....

Part 4

Things started settling into a routine. Every second weekend we would be at Mom's, and every other weekend and during the week at Dad's. Weekends with Dad started meaning weekends in Boksburg at FSM's house. It just seemed more convenient....she had the space, and the mall was within walking distance form the house, so us kids kept ourselves busy.

I distinctly remember two incidents from the same time as the drug episode, though I don't remember exactly in what order they took place, or exactly how old I was at the time. This is the first one.

The first one is the most vague. FSM had come over sometime during the week to visit. Most likely after work, as our house was closer to her office than her house. We were all sitting in the lounge watching TV , and having short conversations in the ad breaks. One of the conversations did leave an impression though. I don't remember what it was about, but I do recall saying jokingly to FSM that she's not my mother. In hindsight, I can see how that could be seen as disrespectful, but I was also a teenager...which should tell anyone not to take what I say too seriously.

Whatever I said and how, all I know is that it must have offended someone, judging from Dad's actions the next morning. Up until that point, my father had woken my brothers and I up every morning with coffee in bed. He'd been doing it for years, long before my parents finally separated. He would wake up every morning at 5:30 to go to the kitchen and switch on the kettle, setting the cups as he waited for the water to boil. Then he would come to each of our bedrooms, to wake us up. He used to come to the side of my bed, put down the coffee on my dressing table, switch on the light, and gently put his hand on my shoulder to wake me up. But not this morning.

At 5:30, Dad came into my room, switched on the main light, and told me to go to the kitchen. He did the same with my brothers. I understood the tone of voice he used when he woke us up. He was angry.

I stumbled into the kitchen, still half asleep, with my brothers following closely behind. We knew better than to upset my father too much. We weren't to old for hidings yet. My eyes weren't even adjusted to the bright light yet, but my dad was standing there. I remember his tone of voice better than his words or his face. With more rage than I'd ever heard from my father, he told us in no uncertain terms that we were to make our own coffee, and take care of ourselves in the morning....(and these words I remember clearly)....seeing as we didn't want him to be happy. Why should he bend over backwards for us.

That afternoon when Dad came home from work, he told us that he and FSM had broken up, because we didn't want her around and we didn't respect her. That's why he had done what he had done in the morning. He didn't say why he had punished my brothers, or if it was my comment that made the two of them fight. I still don't know what it was.

Less than a week later, they were back together....and happy.

To be continued.....

11 September 2008

Current Addictions

Tag, you're IT!!

Rulz is rulz:
*Post at least five current addictions (with some details please)
*Mention the person who started this game of tag (Being Brazen) and also the person who just tagged you (Tamara).
*Type your post with the heading "Current addictions"
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules.

The addictions of me:

Grilled cheese sarmies: I absolutely loooooooovvveeee these. I have it with black pepper, and lots and lots of Salt & Vinegar seasoning.

Red grape juice: I can easily finish 1.5 litres of the Liqui Fruit Grape juice in an hour.

Mackerel & Melba toast: I had this once at my mom's house, and now I'll pay R50 a shot to have the same brands again. Its delicious!!

Popcorn: I once nearly had a terrible-two-tantrum at the movies, because we were late and our friends wanted us to skip the popcorn. This was, like, two months ago.

Hubby's band: (couldn't have 5 foods...sheesh!) We;re in the final throes of the whole recording thing. The CD is with the distribution company (still) and should be released by next Wednesday. (it better!!) In the meantime I've been keeping the Facebook and MySpace pages as up to date as possible, throwing in as many extras and little tweaks as I am physically able to do. The design side of it has been especially fun, and I find myself ignoring work to look for some more interesting things to add to the pages.

10 September 2008

69 Baby...yeah!!

I was tagged with this ages ago, ala Exmi, and it is my civic duty to at least catch up with tags, if nothing else!! :-)

1. What’s worse - Physical or Mental cheating?
Physical absolutely......just because I think a guy would be an awesome catch, doesn't mean that I'll try and catch him.

2. Is it easier to forgive or forget?
Forgive......forgetting is almost impossible.

3. Can men and women be ” Just Friends?”
Hell yes!! Some of my best friends are guys.

4. Dating co-workers?
Been there, done that, burnt the t-shirt(s). Okay, so technically neither of them were full on colleagues, but reps and clients count, don't they?

5. All expenses paid vacation to anywhere?
Ireland or Scotland.

6. On the way to the electric chair - What’s your last meal?
All you can eat buffet at Tuscan BBQ in Monte!!

7. Water parks are…?
embarrasing....(I'm not telling!)

8. When you are “In Love” do you notice other people?
Hey, I'm married, not blind.....

9. Is flirting cheating?
If it was, I'd be in a whole heap of trouble.

10. Would you rather have 1 great friend or 5 pals?
Ummmmm, pass?

11. If someone called you a bitch would you be offended?
Not in the least. I always wanted to be a neurotic bitch like my mommy....

12. Are you ok with your significant other being friends with an ex?
It depends.

13. Would you live with someone without marrying them?
Done that too......not the best idea, really.

14. Favorite sport?

15. Is toilet paper hung over or under?
(Don't let Angel or Glugs see this!!) I don't really care, it changes every time.

16. Do you squeeze toothpaste from the middle or end of the tube?
From the end, which is why hubby and I each have our own toothpaste.

17. How do you feel about tanning booths?
Didn't know I was supposed to feel anything really

18. Friends with benefits?
You get those??? What kind of benefits?

19. Do you believe in angels?

20. Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?
Neither.....cameras are overrated.

21. Have you ever flirted with someone you had no interest in?
Oh, all the time!!

22. Ever kissed a random person and then walked away?
Sadly, no.

23. Would you buy bootleg merchandise?
I prefer not to.

24. What color looks best on you?
Orange, brown, beige, peach.

25. If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?

26. Ever break up with someone and regret it?
Don't even go there!!

27. Are you a jealous person?
Not really.

28. Would you ever have plastic surgery?

29. When do you want to get married?
Am married.....not planning to change that :-)

30. Who has the sexiest accents?
The Irish, hands down.

31. Next concert you’re attending?
Aardklop....hubby's band is playing there :-)

32. Favorite song?
Deurmekaar - Karen Zoid

33. Favorite movie?
Moulin Rouge, followed by a whole mess of trilogies.

34. What’s your occupation?

35. What’s your sign?
Proceed with caution. (oh, you mean Zodiac?...In that case, Gemini)

36. Are you a beach, country or city person?
I'm a city girl, but I love the beach an the country as well.

37. Best vacation spot you’ve been to?
Kuala Lumpur

38. Have you ever had a “secret affair?”
No hell no!!

39. If you could own a non-traditional pet which would it be?
Bearded dragon, or a Lorikeet.

40. Favorite show as a child?
Darkwing Duck

41. Where do you spend most of your money?
On my car......dammit.

42. Are you currently working at a job that you hate?

43. Have you ever been so heart broken that you called in sick to work?
No, but I probably should have.

44. Favorite summer drink?
Double Vodka and lime on the rocks.

45. Can you change a car tire?
Never had to, but I could if I needed to.

46. Favorite cologne / perfume?

47. Favorite candle scent?
Any berry flavour

48. Would you consider yourself adventurous?

49. What is your My Space profile song?
Don't have one.

50. Favorite concert attended?

51. Would you date an already attached man / woman?
Not even if the fate of the free world depended on it.

52. Would you sing Karaoke in front of co-workers?

53. Can you shoot pool?
Yes, badly.

54. Do you like your siblings’ significant others?
My blood siblings don't have significant others...the step ones are mostly quite nice.

55. Can you drive a stick?
How on earth does one drive a stick? I can drive a car....does that count?

56. Did you wear white at your wedding?
Nope. I look shite in white.

57. Have you ever sat and hoped for a phone call?
Oh so many times.....

58. Ever skip school and spend the day at the beach?
Blegh.....little Miss Priss I was, dammit.

59. Favorite TV show?

60. What do you think about gay marriage?
I don't really think about gay marraiges....I have too vivid an imagination.

62. what are you waiting for at the movies?
I'm not sure.....self serve popcorn stands mostly.

63. What is your favorite holiday?
You mean my only holiday, don't you??

64. Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?
I'm with Exmi on this....Drunken Monkey, hehehehe.

65. Piercing?
Only ears now....used to have more though.

66. Tattoos?
Yup, and you can't see it *sticks out tongue*

67. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
Ugh, no comment.

68. Thongs? yes or no.

69. Write 2 truths and 1 lie.
- I hate my job

- I'm pregnant

- I'm actually Afrikaans.

I'll be nice this time and not tag anyone :-)

03 September 2008

Okay okay......

....I'm back. Sort of.

It's been a very hectic week(end). Friday and Saturday don't have all that much to tell, and you can read about my Sunday here, here, here and here. (Thanks to Tamara, Ruby, Angel and Glugs!! You've all told the story so well... :-))

From me: you guys are awesome, and I had a fantastic time. I can't wait for the next party. And to Exmi, don't worry lady, we know you weren't feeling yourself, and we'll more than make up for it next time. Sooner rather than later :-)

On to the rest of the week.....I finally had The Big Cry last night. No movies or sad books, noooo...I burst into hysterical tears because I couldn't get a game to install on my pc. After the umpteenth time that I "inserted disk 3" I just couldn't take it anymore and I cracked. I haven't cried like that in a long time. Lucky for Hubby, the band was practising last night for I was not a pretty sight.

After about 10 minutes of severe sobbing, I managed to gain control over my breathing, and decided to phone an old friend for some new perspective. I didn't even realise exactly how much emotional weight I was carrying around, and how little of it was purely hormonal. He gave me some good advice, and promised to check up on me in a few days time. I feel much better, but I know it's not all over yet. (I might still end up at your new place with a copy of Titanic, Sweets!!)

To add insult to crippling injury, my car's battery decided to pack up this morning....aaaaarrrrggghhhh!! Two hours and R550 later, I have a brand new battery in my tjor, and all is well again. (When did batteries become so darn expensive though, I drive a bloomin' Corsa, for heaven's sake!!)

Finally, I have a two blogs that I'm adding to my blogroll. I came across them via Tamara, and am happy I did so. Most of you know them already, but I would like to welcome Being Brazen and The Purring Cat to the Arkives. I look forward to reading more of you ladies :-)

That's all from me for now....