12 December 2008

Enough already!!

Right, so I know I said I would blog more before I go on holiday, but quite frankly I've just been too tired and fed-up to do much more than play mindless games on my pc.  My boss has been in a foul mood for the past two weeks and I've been at the receiving end. This is a very draining place to be and as a result I've been conking out at 9pm every night.

But enough of my whining.....I am officially on holiday as from today, which is fantastic!! I won't have internet access though (okay, maybe once or twice) but I'll be back in January with many stories to tell (I hope)

So to end of this very hectic and less than wonderful year, here is a meme that my darling cousin Louisa tagged me with.

6 Random Things (that you don't know already...)

1.  I'm not enjoying the first 3 months of pregnancy. I'm 6 weeks now and so far it has not been fun. My clothes don't quite fit, I'm walking around in a semi-constant state of light nausea, my moods are....strange,  and I'm suffering from an assortment of aches and pains that are apparently completely normal. I'm also totally buggered....besides for being exhausted from the long and excruciating year, I'm falling asleep in the office loo because of a total lack of energy which is also attributable to being preggers. FUN!!

2. I have suddenly developed an urge to bake stuff.  I want to bake a cake and a milk tart and some cookies for Christmas. I've never been someone to bake so this is a bit weird.

3. I think and sometimes even dream in English, even though I'm Afrikaans.  I think this is because of being married to an 'Engelsman'. Hubby's Afrikaans isn't half bad, but it just sounds weird when we speak Afrikaans to each other. As a result my brain automatically does things like counting in English.

4. I once spent about an hour underwater in my gran's pool. I was about 10 years old and had gotten a snorkel and goggles for Christmas. I put them on and spent the entire time breathing through the snorkel, pretending that I was some kind of mermaid princess. It's a fond memory.

5. I don't like phoning people. The only people who I would happily phone and spend hours speaking to is my husband and my mom. Other than that I avoid phonecalls like the plague. I would rather send you an email. I'm not particulary fond of smsses either. I have a phone so people can phone me and even then I might not answer. If you don't leave a message, I won't phone you back.  This doesn't apply to weekends though.....I'll answer your calls then :-)

6. I suck at chess. I own a beautiful wooden chess table that was made by my great-grandfather. I refuse to use it as a table even though I never play on it.  I can't wait to move into a bigger place where I can display it better. I might just start playing then. Who knows, I might even win a game eventually!

Okay that's me for 2008.  I say it was an awful year, but I did meet some amazing people in all of you. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a fabulous New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone next year :-)


02 December 2008

Top 10 Tuesday

**PS....I'll fix my template ASAP. I don't know how this happened, or how long it's been like this...damn**

Following in the tradition started by SleepyJane (and because I have very little motivation to do much else), here is my list of 10 favourite restaurants in Roodepoort (....I'm keeping it in Roodepoort, because if I had to expand, this list would be of at least 50 restaurants!!)

In no particular order:

1. Piatto in Westgate. I've only eaten there once, but the food and the service was amazing (and well priced). I've only heard good things since and am seriously planning a big get together there.

2. Seemans in Little Falls. Their food is fantastic, especially if you like meat. It's a restaurant and a butchery in one, so their prices are also completely out of this world. (in a good way) They have the best steak on the West Rand, and at the price, you can have twice the steak for half the price!!

3. Fournos Bakery also in Little Falls. They're right next door to Seemans....it's like a food heaven!! I've haven't actually sat down and eaten there yet, but I have sampled the food from their bakery and it is to die for. Chocolate croissants, petit fours, mini milktarts, doughnuts....it's a pregnant woman's Mecca, I tell you!!

4. Simply Asia in Clearwater Mall. The most amazing Thai restaurant ever!! I absolutely love this place. At once stage Hubby and I ate there every Sunday. Try the 515, trust me :-)

5. Café Fino in Clearwater Mall. The have the most delectable wraps and fabulous breakfasts. Go hungry.

6. Sushi Tei in Ruimsig. They have the best sushi ever. Period. Sadly, I can't eat their sushi for the next few months, but luckily they have a fantastic Tepanyaki section as well. (you know, those flat grills with the guys who throw your food around while you watch) Was there last night for a birthday, will go again soon.

7. The Chinese Kitchen, also in Ruimsig. In Featherbrooke Village Shopping Centre, there lies a tiny restaurant in a corner. They serve an array of Chinese fare in the most delicate of settings. Perfect if you want to have a romantic dinner for two (especially if you have a small budget.) I can recommend any of the set menus for 2.

8. Primi Frontier in Ruimsig. Home to the Jamjar and Teapot cocktails.....and the most delicious pizza and pasta around. Sadly, they seem to have closed down until further notice. Let's hope it just for renovations.

9. Adegas in Wilro Park. Prawns prawns prawns.....enough said.

10. Meat-n-Eat on Ontdekkers Road. What a concept....you order your meat and the rest is all you can eat. Sounds like my kinda place. Book in advance if you plan to go over a weekend though, the place has been packed every night since they opened.

That's me for now (can you tell I love food??). I promise to try and blog more often before my holiday starts next week ;-)