12 March 2009

Another pregnancy post

Yes, I know these are probably getting a bit tedious seeing as the Earth and her sister are all knocked up, but it's kind of a big thing in my life right now, so I have a bit to say.

I'm about 22 weeks pregnant now and this is what I have learnt about pregnancy and myself so far:
  1. I have a pretty nasty (though well-hidden) temper most of the time. I become a fire-breathing super bitch when pregnant. Everyone has suffered my wrath.
  2. I cry at the drop of a hat. This has gotten progressively worse as the weeks pass.
  3. Being pregnant isn't all that glamorous, at least not for me. I feel fat, because I look fat when I look in the mirror. My body does not look like those glowing preggie bellies you see on all the magazines. (Seems the pictures of stick figures on normal magazines aren't the only ones designed to make you feel fat and inadequate)
  4. I'm not eating like a horse. In fact, there are long stretches of time that go by before I get hungry or thirsty. I don't know if this should worry me.
  5. I'm losing weight, but the baby seems fine. (according to the last scan) For some reason this bothers my doctor, who wants to put me on a supplement if I don't gain enough weight in the next two months. I don't feel like I need to worry about this.
  6. I'm not sure if the little weird movements I'm feeling in my lower abdomen are that of the baby kicking. It feels more like muscles that are moving. According to the book I've been reading the baby should be behind my belly button by now. The funny movements are coming from quite a bit lower than that. And they feel the same as when the muscle underneath your eye twitches.
  7. I'm feeling quite ambivalent about this whole parenting thing. Everyone else seems to be excited or scared or something. I kinda wish that I would just start feeling pregnant. (as opposed to fat and temperamental)
  8. I seriously wish that fewer people would ask me how the pregnancy is going, but that more would just touch my bump. Its like when I was getting married and people kept asking me how the wedding plans were going. It pissed me off tremendously. Now people keep asking me how the pregnancy is going....and I keep wanting to scream "I don't know, ask it yourself". My pregnancy is not a seperate person....ask me how I am instead please. As for the bump-touching, I welcome it. It helps me to feel pregnant, which I don't, so touch it already.
  9. I've noticed that I complain a lot more lately.

I will continue to observe myself in a third person view, and I'll let you know when it finally shifts to a first person view.



The Divine Miss M said...


My cousin said that the maternal instinct eventually kicked in for her. She was the same as you actually and now she is wonderful loving happy mum ;)

If I was there I'd touch your belly :P

phillygirl said...

So was wondering: a) do you know / are you finding out if baby will be a little girl or boy? do you have a preference or wish? and b) what is your weird little nickname for it at the moment ... everyone calls it something before it has a name :)

angel said...

I believe the "twitches" you are feeling are indeed baby moving! In fact, it shouldn't be long before you can even see baby moving!
I will be sure to touch your baby bump when I see you again.

Arkwife said...

Miss M: I don't know if its a lack of maternal instinct as much. I feel maternal, just not pregnant, if that makes any sense.

Philly: we want to know, but couldn't see at the last scan, so its still a surprise. Hubby really wants a boy (and I think me too). No nicknames though. We just call it "baby".

Angel: thanks lady. And the twitches are getting much more pronounced, so I think it may very well be the baby :-)

Jeanette said...

Those weird little movements do sound the like the baby moving!! It's the weirdest yet best feeling in the world :)

Trina said...

I'm 26 weeks pregnant! Yay us! Those little movements are definately the baby!! I feel her ALL OVER, especially below my belly button. Congratulations!