04 November 2008


My darling cousin Louisa tagged me for this one.

Word for the week in my head: Dammit....I keeping thinking one thing and finding out the opposite in true....dammit!!

Thought for the week in my head: Please please pleeeeeaaaaasssseee let this week be over already. I'll tell you why soon :-)

Thing for the week in my life: Hubby's music video. They're shooting on Thursday and I'm and extra (Role description: a normal girl in her twenties....)

Song for the week in my head: Sunshine Happiness....object of said music video.

Food for the week in my belly: Real Cheese Mini Cheddars. Though I would prefer steak.

Colour for the week in my life: Yellow and red....I'm trying out something new and it seems to be working.

Smile for the week on my face: nothing at the moment really. I'm too bored to smile.

Blessing for the week in my heart: my health. There is very little wrong with me and I'm grateful for that.

Taggies: Ruby, Tamara and Kitty.

Here follow the rules:
1. Link back to the creator of this here meme (cathjenkin)
2. Link back to yours truly (all the better for me to see you with)
3. Share your list of randomness
4. Tag whoever you want to tag, or not....it's your choice :-)



po said...

you are going to be in a music video? How cool!

Ruby said...

ugh! you know how much i hate doing meme's and then you go and tag me....what's wrong with you friendster!!!!!

he he:) I'm excited for you guys on the music video to......glad they found a venue, your hubby was telling me all about the video on saturday but they didn't have a venue yet...:)

angel said...

awesome list! how'd the shoot go!!?!???