10 July 2008


Ugh.....I need to get a phone with a camera in again.....you'll just have to take my word for it, for now.

This morning, upon leaving my humble abode, I realised the the quaint little water feature in the front yard was frozen. That's right....FROZEN!!

It's one of those fancy, modern art things with 3 large, oddly shaped pots standing in a big bowl of sorts. Each pot has its little spout at the top, and the water runs down the sides of the pots, as opposed to spraying arcs of water such as the fountains of old.

Anyway, most of the water trickling down the sides of said pots, had frozen into little bubble-like shapes, all along the path the water usually takes. The water in the large bowl at the bottom had a layer of ice about 1cm thick on top of it. The only place where the water was still moving, was at the top of the pots where the spouts are.

Hubby recalls that the last time the water feature has frozen like that was last year just before it snowed in Joburg.....maybe this is a sign??


Glugster said...

Hope not.

Arkwife said...

Hehe.....you never know. Stranger things have happened.

Globus said...

frozen? in july? what fresh lunacy is THIS?!

Arkwife said...

LOL....it is winter here Globus. But to have snow two years in a row, In Johannesburg, would be unheard of. If it happens, you may want to start making a bucket list :-)

Ruby said...

snow snow snow lovely snow!!! i love winter, i love snow, i love snuggling up and everything else that goes with wintertime:) I realise that most people hate wintertime...but i simply love it! it has a certain strange beauty and mystery about it:) i hope it snows...otherwise i'll have to go visit the parentals to see snow:)