28 July 2008

Back online and following suit

I'm baaaaaaccccckkkkk!!! And feeling much better thanks :-) This flu was the pits, I was knocking on the door to Bronchitis. But all is well, and so am I.

Due to my prolonged absence, I'm a bit behind on all my fav reads, so if I leave a comment to a post you made a week ago, sorry, just playing catch-up. Also, my brain is still a bit fried from the plethora of meds that I had to consume, so my post won't be much more than the meme I've been finding on everyone's blogs.

Here goes......8 random things about moi :-)

1. I'm fiercely loyal. To the point where I very seldom hear gossip of any kind. People will not gossip to me about my friends because I will defend said friend....to the death if need be.

2. I'm an excellent liar. Not something to be proud of, I know. But I am very good at it. And I very seldom get caught.

3. I'm a procrastinator of epic proportions. I prefer working under pressure, which is probably why I leave most things until the last possible minute. It might also explain why I lie so well...hehehe

4. I have an enormous family. Besides for the fact that my parents are divorced and both remarried with a whole bunch of kids, my extended family is very large. I have cousins I haven't even met yet!!

5. I sing pretty well. I'm one of the lead singers in our church, which means I'm out there every Sunday, with my own microphone. (I have hectic stage fright though, even after 19 years of singing for crowds.)

6. I desperately want to have twins as my first (and possibly only) kids. Its a bit of a selfish dream, seeing as I always wanted to have a twin sister. That's obviously not going to happen....so twin kids would be the next best thing :-)

7. I'm fully bilingual. I speak both English and Afrikaans without any accent. I also speak a bit of Spanish and Zulu and I can read a bit of German. Languages fascinate me.

8. I've had a lesbian experience. It was in my wilder days, and I won't go into details. I will say though, that I don't regret it at all.... ;-)

Well that's me for now.



sweets said...

wow interesting list, i see you in a whole new light now... LOL

with all the lying and procrastinating that is... just kidding!

Glugster said...

Ahhhh. A lesbian experience. Myself being a Lesbian, I know exactly where you are coming from.

Kitty Cat said...

I'm going back to your older posts to get a better picture of you. Very nice honest admission about the lesbian experience!